Morrissey – Sunday’s song lyric

(So this isn’t exactly a quote, it’s a song lyric and I’m thinking of turning this post into the Sunday song lyric, instead of the weekly quote.  Because, well, enough quotes are  out there already, right?  Without further ado…)

“But you without clothes, oh I could not keep a straight face.  Me without clothes, well a nation turns its back and gags.”  Morrissey (Last Night On Maudlin Street- Viva Hate 1988)

Ah, Morrissey, the king of self deprecation…  I had the chance to see him in concert two years back and he is simply tremendous.  So why this particular lyric?  It reminds me that as summer draws to a close, so does bathing suit season.

Three years ago, we installed an in ground pool in the back yard at Chez Sorick, thinking that our house could be party central for the summer months.  Silly me.  Not only is everyone running ragged all summer with their own plans, I’ve discovered that many of my friends don’t want to be seen in a swimsuit!  All right, I get it, we’re not all svelte twenty-somethings anymore, but so what?  We’re all in the same boat:  sagging, paint chipped and leaking (not me, mind you!)  I mean, really, we weren’t all that gorgeous to begin with, right?  But that’s besides the point.  No one cares that you’re not a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or ripped like Beckham in his H&M underpants.

So the pool is open for two more weeks- the water is a balmy 85.  We have two kinds of beer on tap and all of you are welcome!  I promise to keep a straight face, if you promise not to gag! xo

5 thoughts on “Morrissey – Sunday’s song lyric

  1. Hahaha, bending it like Beckham!

    I guess you have used a ‘featured image’ for the first time. It’s a wonderful addition. Yes you can do a nice feature for quotes. I saw one on Rashmi’s site. This is also a good piec.

    I see the books you are reading on the left-sidebar. Which one do you like the most at this point and why?

    Have a great week ahead Dr. Sorick!


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    1. I’m really enjoying the Jimmy Carter bio. As you might have heard, he’s recently been diagnosed with cancer and it gives his narrative real poignancy. He is probably the most underestimated president the USA has ever had: a peacemaker, for sure; a man of high moral character, who ‘walks the way he talks’, if you will. He has volunteered tirelessly in Habitat for Humanity, providing homes to those who otherwise could never afford it. He has reached a point in his life where he can speak freely, having nothing to lose. His candid observations of the political system are insightful and frank. All around, James Earl Carter is a living treasure!

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      1. A legend and a humanitarian indeed. I have heard quite a lot about him Meg.
        I heard about his illness too. I am glad you are enjoying his biography. Thanks for taking time out to give this detailed response. Much appreciated.

        Anand 🙂

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