Free Book Promotion!

I’ve tried to make the books in my series stand alone reads so that anyone starting in the middle would be able to follow along and understand. Nevertheless, Book Four, Tainted Inheritance, picks up the thread of the Book Two, Seeing Red, so I’ve decided to give away the e-book Seeing Red for free until July 14. Find it on Amazon!


Here’s a preview of Seeing Red:

Beautiful, hardworking, Desdemona Murray doesn’t see herself the way others do. She only remembers the awkward teenager she once was. The talented landscape designer is hired to install a custom deck at the home of star football player, Ethan Samuels. When she catches the eye of the handsome professional athlete, and he begins to pursue her relentlessly, she is at first, flattered and amazed. However, her heart belongs to a man whom she believes only considers her a friend. Adam Quinn has always been a ladies man, not one to settle down, or so she thinks. Little does she know his feelings for her run much deeper. When Des finally sees both men for who they really are, the choice she must make is obvious. But when she chooses, Des finds out how dangerous it can be to break free from a man who can’t take no for an answer.

I hope you’ll give it a try.  For the other books, visit my Amazon Author Page!

14 thoughts on “Free Book Promotion!

  1. I jumped the train yesterday. Bought Seeing Red (Thank God for freebies! 😛 ) and Three Empty Frames. Look forward to reading them. All the best for Tainted Inheritance.

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