I’ll play along…

Sketched selfie

My lovely friend VictoryInTrouble has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. As you can see in the top left sidebar, I don’t ‘do’ awards. However, once in a great while I will sort of play along. (This is because I love Vic!) What that means is I’ll only follow the rules I want to. So in this instance, I’m going to to tell the world three things about myself and answer Vic’s five questions. Rather than pass on the award, I’m nominating ALL of you! So anyone that want to take this award and run for it, you’re up…

Three things you may or may not know about me (or care):

  1. I love the theater. I have had season tickets to The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia for the past ten seasons. The Walnut is America’s oldest theater, founded in 1809. Shows at the Walnut have been attended by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. I also visit New York fairly regularly (it’s just 2 hours away) and see shows on Broadway as well. 
  2. Like my character Maya, I bake bread. In fact I have an upcoming post about it. I’ve been baking my own bread for about fifteen years. I started with a bread maker and graduated little by little to making it by hand. The strong hands I’ve acquired in my years as a chiropractor have come in handy.
  3. The sketching I’ve been doing lately… I used to draw when I was younger. In fact both the writing and the art got left by the side of life’s road around the same time. Fool that I was. Anyway, my grandmother was an artist – painted in oil and watercolor. I had hoped I’d inherited a little of that talent. However, like the writing, the art was never encouraged … and here I am trying to dust off those rusty skills.

All right, now on to Vic’s questions:

  1. Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?  This is a toss up. I’ve been to Ireland 4 times. I’ve become so familiar with it, it feels like home. At least the Galway area… But Paris is also one of my favorite places in the world. The food, the art, the history, the culture. Tres magnifique!
  2. What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Pepper cookies. They’re a Russian (or Eastern European) cookie – chocolate with cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. I know that sounds weird but they’re amazing. 
  3. Do you like turtlenecks? Nope, they make me feel claustrophobic. I’d sooner have a scoop or v-neck top and wind a scarf loosely if I get cold.
  4. Do you like to eat foods one at a time or do you mix foods on your fork? Both. Mashed potatoes are glue for anything else on my plate. Otherwise, you gotta keep ’em separated.
  5. In twenty years, if you look back, what’s the most important thing you want to have done with your life between now and then? I need to preface this so that it doesn’t come off sounding selfish. I don’t have children, I don’t have extended family. I have no one to raise or depend on me for their well being. I have friends that fill that need so don’t pity me too much! My wish in looking back from twenty years in the future is that I used that time to chase the dreams I put on hold for the first half of my life. So I will write, publish books, create art, explore my creativity in ways I may not have discovered yet. I don’t want to look back with regrets, regrets for not trying or for fearing failure. And maybe that’s the cool thing about getting older – not worrying so much about the results as the trying. 

That’s it. Thank you Vic, for thinking of me and for being a great friend!

41 thoughts on “I’ll play along…

  1. Turtlenecks: my father hated them and I, too, inherited that particular gene. ” … regrets for not trying or for fearing failure … ” The fear of failure stops so many people from attempting anything. The one thing, as a creative teacher and a teacher of creativity, that I tried to instill into my students was ‘try, try, and try again.’ This doubled with the mantra that we all have a special talent hidden away somewhere: it’s a question of finding it, recognizing it, and developing it. The recognizing is sometimes the hardest part.

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      1. As with creative writing, the joy is often in the journey. I was sitting in the jacuzzi this morning, admiring my toes, and thinking out a poem. “What on earth are you doing?” Clare asked me. “Just thinking!”

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  2. A great post, Meg. I also have a penchant for breaking the rules when accepting award nominations. I use to love turtlenecks when I was younger, now I’d feel like I’m choking. I’ve replaced turtlenecks with scarves. I now have a lovely collection. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yay!! I love you, too! ❀ Thanks so much for playing along! That sketch is marvelous!! I love that everyone feels so strongly about turtlenecks, lol. I feel like I'm choking when I wear them. Those cookies sound awesome and I'm gonna need you to send me some! Your last answer is the same as mine and I do have kids and stuff so I don't think it's selfish at all. In 20 years, I will have given them what they need and hope to be giving myself what I need by then. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Bruce! Pepper cookies shouldn’t really be called pepper cookies, though they do have pepper in them. The chocolate and cinnamon together is really good! I have included the cookies in my novel and I’ll post the recipe for them when we get to that point! Have a great Sunday and yes finally the weather feels right for the season!

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      1. Oh that is lovely… do I do awards? Hmmmm. I have a lot of catching up to do with Breaking Bread…. I will reading your excerpts tonight. I have a new post(it was hard work, haven’t written in days). Did you miss me?

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  4. Brilliant answers Meg. I find getting older liberating, although I have a few years on you! I started horse riding at 40, piano lessons at 57, a blog at 66. I have a few ideas still to consider and will never give up dreaming! Long live trying, and down with turtlenecks!

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    1. Peter, I turned 50 this year, had a bit of a crisis over it, wallowed a little and then kicked myself in the backside and got over it. My goal this year is to hone my drawing skills… I’m really enjoying that as a break from writing!

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