Ballad of The Knackered Mare…

My friend, Eric: poet, bard, romantic… this is an excellent example of his wonderful storytelling style!

My Sword and Shield....


Deidre’s the barmaid
at the Knackered Mare
with midday in her eyes
and midnight in her hair

She’s quick with a smile
and quicker with wit
and it’s said, once,
she carried a blade on her hip

Her father’s the owner
they call him Big George
and they say, before this,
he worked at the forge

A blacksmith by trade
he’d made many a sword
including the one
that hangs over the door

“Hubris” they call it
I know it sounds strange
but allow me to tell you
how it got that very name

It was grey rainy day
in the middle of December
those who were there
will always remember

A party of bandits
came down from the hills
and stopped by The Mare
in the search of some thrills

They kicked in the door
and brandished their blades
and each one of them
happily earned the name, Knave

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