The Neighbor (2) in 100 words

I was convinced to continue this story but I am also going to challenge myself to write it in a finite series of ten parts of one hundred words each. Teaching myself to be concise! Find part one here.

Adam stood in the open doorway listening, but the silence was as oppressive as a sodden woolen blanket. Moonlight shining through undraped windows illuminated dust motes that had remained undisturbed until the movement of the door stirred them from the thickly coated floor.

Could he be mistaken about the source of the singing? It didn’t seem possible. The attic was for storage and besides the large apartment on the first floor, his and the one on whose threshold he now stood were the only others. He took a few tentative steps inside, then froze as the door slammed behind him.

58 thoughts on “The Neighbor (2) in 100 words

      1. Right! We have to figure out exactly what happens to our surrealist friends… I had tossed a few thoughts out in the comments of that post. Do any of them sound worthy? Cake can help us with the character details.

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      2. I’m not sure where to begin. If Cake would put the group together in a room and give them a reason to go back in time, I think I could start after that. I’d like it to be slightly zany like a Dr. Who episode or Douglas Adams.

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      3. Yeah, we need the core group who would be in the same time period so be together and a reason for them to go back… tho maybe the reason is that they’re crazy, lol. Yes- like dr who! I don’t know Douglas Adams…

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      4. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? And I just had an idea … what if you and I assumed the identities of two of the surrealist ladies and wrote their parts in first person? Maybe we could get Cake to be one of the men?


    1. Thank you Roger. I hope I don’t bury myself in too many words. Prepping for the big snowstorm today. Looks like it might affect you as well based on the weather map. Wish this had happened in January….

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