The Neighbor (4) In 100 Words

A  short piece of serial fiction by Meg Sorick: here are parts one, two and three.

Adam rushed to open windows, switch on the ceiling fan. The sickening floral odor soon vanished. A chill crept up his spine, one that had nothing to do with the cool evening air rushing in the open windows.

He checked his watch. Miss Dietrich should still be awake and this couldn’t wait. He hurried down the steps and knocked softly on her door. Purposeful footsteps signaled the approach of a much younger person.

“Yes?” asked the heavily accented voice of Miss Dietrich’s caretaker, Martina. “Oh, it is you.”

“I need to speak to Miss Dietrich.”

“No. That won’t be possible.”

22 thoughts on “The Neighbor (4) In 100 Words

    1. It’s been debunked. He just desired to find peace away from public life. There’s a great article I read about, but I can’t find the link… He’s been checked on by authorities and is fine.

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