On my way…

I am traveling for the next 9 days. Just wanted to let you know in case I don’t post much next week. Then again, if the weather is uncooperative, I might have plenty of time to write. In that case, brace yourself. Maybe I can finish this novel finally! Wow, National Novel Writing Month seems like a long time ago…

It’s good that this trip presented itself when it did. I get restless in one spot. I think I’m not really a ‘put down roots’ kind of person. Nevertheless, my current circumstances prevent relocation so I have to be content with travel.

One of my fantasies is to have my writing be successful enough that I don’t need to remain in one place. And by that I don’t mean own several houses in different locations. Rather, I’d like to live like a nomad, stay here for a while then go on to the next place. Anyway, a writer/novelist can write from anywhere in the world. Now wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever?


39 thoughts on “On my way…

      1. Well, don’t forget I have a lot more free time – I only have office hours three days a week. It gives me two full days to dedicate to writing. That’s the only way I could do this much of it.

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      2. Yes, but it’s also not a hardship…. I really really enjoy it. Except of course when I’m thoroughly stuck. That is frustrating, nearly painful. And thank you, Dear Cake.

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