The Neighbor (5) In 100 Words

A piece of serial fiction: 10×100 words, by Meg Sorick. Here are parts one, two, three and four.

Adam frowned skeptically, but decided not to push. “Maybe you can help me.”

Martina considered him warily. “Alright.”

“Does Miss Dietrich play music in the evening?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Music? No, never.”

“It’s just… well, I hear the same song over and over every evening.”

“Not from here,” Martina replied, closing the door.

“Wait!” Adam said. “Another thing. I smelled a very strong scent of roses a moment ago…”

Martina’s eyes widened and her lips formed a name. With a quick shake of her head, she said, “Sorry, no idea.”

As the door closed, Adam repeated the name, “Evangeline.”

23 thoughts on “The Neighbor (5) In 100 Words

    1. That is up to each author to decide for themselves. I’ve been posting the first/rough draft of my current WIP but I will pull it off my blog once its complete. This is probably a ‘one-off’ experience however. I’ve never posted a whole novel before and won’t be doing it again. Nevertheless, some authors have been ‘discovered’ that way, so you never know!

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