The Neighbor (6) In 100 Words

A bit of serial fiction in 100 word increments. I thought I’d do 10, but I’m thinking that’s impossible. Nevertheless, I’ll attempt to keep it in the ‘neighborhood.’ Here are the other installments: one, two, three, four, five.

For three days straight, Adam heard the antiquated song. Immediately upon his opening the door, it would cease and the cloying rose scent would envelope him. He tried in vain to speak to Miss Dietrich but his efforts were thwarted by the tight-lipped Martina.

Occasionally when he worked from home, he observed that Martina went shopping on Monday mornings. This Monday would be his opportunity. If Miss Dietrich didn’t answer the door, he would call the police, claiming concern for her safety.

When Martina drove off, Adam hurried downstairs and knocked loudly. From within, a reedy voice answered, “Coming.”

25 thoughts on “The Neighbor (6) In 100 Words

  1. Oh this is a fantastic concept!
    What a compelling tale you’re weaving. I’m loving the suspence.
    You’ve crafted these sections so well, perfectly consice moments of something mysterious.
    Looking forward to the next installment

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      1. You need a ‘trigger’: sometimes they come from very ordinary incidents (like breaking an egg). Think of it as an “Eureka!” moment when something as ordinary as doing the washing up triggers an understanding of previous complicated events.

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      2. That’s exactly what one of your characters needs to do. Then an artefact, a photograph, a letter, a memory, triggers the release of the rest of the story. You’ll get there. You have infinite guile and patience.

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