Le Boulangerie – Shuttered

I cannot go on like this, trying to bake every week… AND write about it. (Sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it?) Besides I think my blog has become a bit of a mess. Baking, sketching, occasional photography and writing. It’s too random even though I’ve tried to keep it thematic. This is supposed to be my author platform and I’ve gotten off purpose. With that in mind, I’m shuttering Le Boulangerie and concentrating my energies in actually finishing this book, editing and developing some other story ideas. My art and photography, I will mostly use to accompany my writing. Time to collect the pieces of my scattered brain and arrange them in some sort of order. *she says with hope but little conviction*



35 thoughts on “Le Boulangerie – Shuttered

  1. Well, since I’m doing low carb, your blog will create less temptation for me without the bread. πŸ˜€ I did enjoy reading and seeing your culinary creations, while I enjoyed copious amounts of carbs vicariously. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Baking, taking pictures of it, and writing about it is a lot. (I know because I’ve done it, but wouldn’t be able to keep it up every week). So, kudos.

    As for baking, sketching, photography, writing — random, no. It’s you. As you say, thematic. I tried to keep a writing blog. Then I tried to keep a blog that was restricted to four categories, with two of them related (writing and editing). But the rest of “me” kept creeping in, so I finally decided my blog would be a reflection of who I was, which meant I would post different things — because there was no way I was going to attend to more than one blog/site. This somewhat justified the fact that I write books and stories in multiple genres, too. (According to some, this is an industry no-no, but when you are a science-arts cross with a vast background and interests, how do you avoid it?) I laid it out in my Wrapping Up a Successful 2016 and A New Year for This Blog (2017) posts. The result with followers was positive.

    By the same token, I enjoy the array of posts on your blog. It’s fresh, interesting.

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    1. Thank you so much, Eva. I appreciate that! I am sure that my interests (beyond writing) will keep creeping in. I felt like I had to unburden myself from trying to do this kind of thing weekly. Sometimes the blog takes me away from the writing I need to do to complete a project. So I will continue to be “me” just not so structured! Thanks again!

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  3. Ohhh… I love the way you veer off course occasionally, you are so driven and prolific, it makes you a little less imposing. However I can certainly understand the rationale. Keep the eye on the prize. I will try to keep focus myself (though I am perhaps too thematic on my site).

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