The Neighbor (9) In 100 Words

A bit of serial fiction in 100 word installments. Here are the other parts: one, two, three, four, five, six,  seven and eight.  

Miss Dietrich dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. “It was so long ago…”

Adam asked, “Why do roses remind you of Evangeline?”

She sniffed. “I stayed with an aunt when I began to show… Then I had Evangeline with me for a few months before we got the news about Eddie. Anyway, I used to put a little drop of rose water in the baby’s bath…” She sighed. “Such a lovely scent.”

“And the song I keep hearing?”

“‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart.’ I used to sing her to sleep.” She got a faraway look. “Maybe she’s come home.”

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