Making Tea…

Adventures in editing. 

I have another opportunity to share a blunder in my writing. I have mentioned before about how meticulous I am about research, yet I’ve made an error in something so simple I never considered looking into it.

In the recent reposting of my installment of Here Lies a Soldier: The Letters and the Locket, I describe my characater Meredith making a cup of tea. I am a tea drinker, have a pot, a strainer and a collection of loose tea, therefore I had Meredith make the tea the way I would … in the United States. *buzzer sound* 

One of my dear friends, who is English, pointed out to me that in England, everyone uses an electric kettle not a stove top kettle. Additionally, it would be far more realistic for Meredith to use a tea bag for a quick ‘cuppa’ not the loose tea that I described.

This might not seem like a big deal, it’s a little detail not even important to the plot. So why make a fuss? Because it is one of those tiny brush strokes on the larger canvas that can add to or detract from the larger picture. I will be returning to that section and editing accordingly. 

This is the kind of thing that makes blogging and its community of writers so absolutely priceless –getting feedback like that. I for one, am eternally grateful!

Le Boulangerie – Shuttered

I cannot go on like this, trying to bake every week… AND write about it. (Sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it?) Besides I think my blog has become a bit of a mess. Baking, sketching, occasional photography and writing. It’s too random even though I’ve tried to keep it thematic. This is supposed to be my author platform and I’ve gotten off purpose. With that in mind, I’m shuttering Le Boulangerie and concentrating my energies in actually finishing this book, editing and developing some other story ideas. My art and photography, I will mostly use to accompany my writing. Time to collect the pieces of my scattered brain and arrange them in some sort of order. *she says with hope but little conviction*



Broken Bread

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some reading, some thinking regarding the novel in progress. Prior to this mulling over of things, I had a conversation within the comments of a post about putting this entire novel out on a blog –a novel which I will publish on Amazon when it is complete. The commenter was very surprised that I was posting it for all to read; after all isn’t the idea to get everyone to buy the book? And the answer to that of course is, yes. Therefore, I’ve come to some conclusions.

I consider my compensation all of your lovely comments and feedback. In posting it here, I have worked out some issues with the story and I do consider all of you my beta readers for this project. I will finish the novel here for all of you to read. It would be rather rotten of me to stop now, with only the last loose threads to stitch up. However, little by little, I am going to begin deleting the older excerpts and eventually the page. By the time Breaking Bread is finished, there will be nothing left but crumbs. I am very appreciative of all your support and helpful comments. Thanks a million times over.